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Analysis of the Red Team’s prospects

Faced with a $19 billion price tag for the UPF, even after they scaled back operations to make it exclusively a bomb production plant, Congress told the NNSA to go back to the drawing board. In reply, NNSA announced a “Red Team” to study alternatives. Oak Ridge National Lab director Thomas Mason was tapped to head the Red Team; he has assembled a team of Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration personnel; NNSA has declined to name the members of the Red Team and their meetings are not announced, nor are they open to public or media”so the future of the UPF is in the hands of a secret team of insiders. The Red Team began work on March 10 and expects to have a report in six weeks. OREPA has prepared an analysis of the Red Team’s prospects.

You can read it by clicking here:

Red Team Review sheet


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Sunday Vigil at Y-12 in Oak Ridge Tennessee

Sunday Vigil

OREPA has held Sunday vigils every week for more than 22 years at the main entrance to the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Complex (intersection of Scarboro Rd and East Bear Creek Road). We will now be holding the vigil at 4:00PM ET during the winter months so we don’t have to be sitting out in the dark. We are outdoors and space our chairs; when covid numbers are up, we encourage people to wear masks. Bring your own chair, we have some umbrellas for sun shade or rain.

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