Peace Lanterns on Nagasaki Day

The sky cleared over Knoxville for a brief period Friday evening, August 9, but it was just long enough for the Peace Lantern ceremony. Eighty people came for a wonderful evening of drumming, chanting, music, reading, joining in Japanese folk dancing, hearing the story of Nagasaki told with shadow puppets, and finally, to the gentle recorder music of Ann Myers and Mark Kiser, the launching of peace lanterns into the Tennessee River.

Recalling Nagasaki with peace lanterns has become a tradition in Knoxville, and the addition over the years of shadow puppet theatre and Japanese folk dancing has enriched the evening.





Sunday Vigil at Y-12 in Oak Ridge Tennessee

Sunday Vigil

The OREPA Board has now decided that we are prepared to do a limited re-opening of the Sunday vigil to allow for slightly more participation.  We are asking anyone who wants to attend a Sunday vigil to sign up in advance—by the Thursday before. There are two ways to sign up. You can email Ralph at or you can call him at 865 776 5050. If the five slots are already taken, we’ll ask you to wait until next week. All vigilers are expected to wear masks. Bring your own chair. Avoid physical contact and maintain an appropriate social distance in the circle of chairs. Of course, if for any reason you feel you may have been exposed to the virus or to someone with the virus, you should not attend the vigil. At this point, we are not resuming our monthly potlucks.

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